> A visit to the box factory

We at Strauch Fiber are a curious bunch. We like to know how stuff works. So when Otto started working with the fine folks at Corrugated Container in Roanoke, VA to design and produce some new custom packaging for our products we all wanted to see just how boxes are made. It was a great field trip. We learned a lot about what goes into making all sorts of cardboard packaging and displays. We got to see it all: design, printing, cutting, gluing, folding, bundling, recycling - the whole enchilada. Everyone at Corrugated Container was really nice. We appreciate the time they took to show us what they do. And when the tour was over we went out for lunch. Because at Strauch Fiber, that's just how we roll!

Dies for cutting and creasing boxes
Inside the box factory
A pleased and proud Otto
Mixing the ink
Our new boxes!
Gluing boxes
What does this one do?
This one folds the boxes
It's a big place!
Ready for Delivery!
We loved the CAD machine
We want one of these
Lunch time!